As a parent, you understand that your children can be greatly affected by their first experiences at the dentist’s office. In fact, a child’s early experience can affect their attitudes toward dentist visits throughout their lives. We aim  to make kids’ dentist visits pleasant, providing them with the framework for positive dental health later in life.
We realize it’s critical to move at a pace that makes the child comfortable, soothing their nerves, and calming parents.

Our first priority is to guarantee children have a positive experience. Not only will they encounter a soothing and supportive environment, kind team members, and exam room TVs – they’ll even get prizes!

How often should my child see the dentist?

It is recommended that children see the dentist every 6 months to downgrade the risk of cavities – or detect them early, and to regulate preventive care. Your child will benefit from regular visits in many ways, like detection of dental problems and removal of plaque, which causes bad breath and gum disease. According to recommendations from the AAPD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry), regular pediatric dental visits should start around the child’s first birthday. Beginning positive dental habits from this early stage will let us find and treat issues at an early stage, avoiding complications as the child grows up.

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    Great care provided by the entire group! Doctor's are all awesome, answer all questions or concerns & have helped all my family's Dental needs ??Highly recommend !!!

    Bob Muzzin

    Truly amazing! I was hesitant to visit any dentist for several years after my braces were taken off because of a previous bad experience I had. First entering the office I was greeted warmly by very friendly staff. I knew I needed two root canals and several fillings done all of which I was not looking forward to. She had asked if we could just do one filling on my first visit which I had agreed to. The procedure went flawlessly. For those who are scared of needles (which was my worst fear), Dr. Wadhwa is extremely experienced in this field and knows how to make the pain almost nonexistent. It took some convincing but Dr. Wadhwa had relieved all of my concerns of going to the dentist. She is the only dentist I'll be visiting ever again for any routine or intricate procedures.

    Nick Spano

    I had stopped going to the dentist for the last few years because of a previous bad expierence. I decided to try Dr. Wadhwa and was very pleased. She is very friendly and understood mty hesitancy about going back to the dentist. She answered all my questions and asked to make sure I understood everything. I will have to come back for fillings but she explained the procedure and I feel much better about it. The staff up front is also very welcoming, they actually seemed interested with what I was talking about. I would highly suggest going to Dr. Wadhwa she is great!!

    Katharine Mauer